Why do we visualize?

I read about this company and website creation software this morning. I stopped all my chores, any excuse is a good excuse, and began using this very intuitive software. It all started when I read an article today in the  Newsweek, May 21, 2007, written by Steven Levy, Meet the Next Billionaires.  I could barely finish reading the article when I decided to write about how this impacts me as an educator. What better place to write about this than on my newly created Weebly website!  I want to interview these guys!

The whole time I was reading the article all I could think about was how does this change what I am teaching and how I am teaching in my classrooms. How does it change the kinds of conversations I have with the community, the staff and the students? I imagined myself in this type of atmosphere and would I be able to do what these young people are doing. What kinds of questions are they considering as they design this new software, what is their vision of what the outcome will actually look like? How does one invention something? What kind of committment does one have in order to start and finish this kind of process?

I think I will have plenty of questions for an interview by the time I finish reflecting on this article and this process, which I am loving by the way. Off to try more of the elements, the design, pages and the settings!